Libgl error failed to load driver swrast xvfb source

G greetersessionlightdmgtkgreeter f xservercommandx core sources. Besides that, i dont think xvfb will work on the odroid c1. This is related to openglmesa and can be demonstrated with glxgears. Stack overflow for teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Do the octave executable or libraries have an rpath attribute adding usrlib64. It took me ages to get the screens working, and believe me they would only work with the nvidia proprietary drivers currently running version 361. I know that the nvidia driver isnt open source but almost everybody uses it. Depending on setting user can experience some or all of the following. Issues with libgl on fedora 20 unable to load driver swrast. I tried your solution, but unfortunately the screen went blank when copying the file. Mathematica stack exchange is a question and answer site for users of wolfram mathematica. After doing some further research, it would appear that this issue has affected multiple people on numerous distributions of linux, all with different solutions. I have the same issue on my newly installed fedora21. Uuid file etcmachineid should contain a hex string of length 32, not length 0. Anyway, this message is annooying quote libgl tries to load software rendering library even if you have nvidia drivers. Anyways, the proprietary drivers are horrible, the radeon drivers should be good enough nowadays for hd6xxx cards i use them for my hd6870 without any problems, if you use the latest version libdrm 2. What is changing the library load path when octave is run. In some cases hiri fails to start on linux with the following error.

I know that the nvidia driver isnt open source but almost everybody uses it so there has to be a way to solve this. So, in the mac fedora environment with octave only on the fedora machines the only failure. The application starts up and seems to work properly. Fluent 18 wont start on linux cfd online discussion forums. Before the update this application worked correctly, and did not display the message about swrast. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. The programs dont function unless you remove libgl rpm e mesa libgl. Which ultimately led to updating of mesadridrivers. Open vimos opened this issue jan 17, 2020 8 comments. Raw paste data we use cookies for various purposes including analytics. The source archive is perfect, but i think directory. Assuming that you have xvfbrun installed, you can try with.

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