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This feature prevents the spacer subassembly to fly away in unlikely event of failure of discs or bolts. The altra industrial motion stromag periflex cs cardan shaft couplings have a. Choose from a huge selection of flexible fernco rubber couplings for connecting pipe together. Bibby transmissions flexible couplings please note. Then bring the two locking assemblies together, tightening pairs of diametrically opposite screws to the prescribed torque. The disc tyres consist of a steel or ductile cast iron angular ring with a volume of vulcanized elastomer. Some designs also allow the connection of two shafts. Periflex vn disc couplings flexible couplings general. Its simple flanged connection to flywheels makes it ideal for use at piston engines. Merge pdf files combine pdfs in the order you want with the easiest pdf merger available. Configurations available with emergency drives, brake discs, brake drums, and spacers to simplify pump removal.

As the rubber may decompress with time, recheck the torque after a few hours. The semiflex coupling is a torsionally stiff and restoringforcefree precision coupling. The coupling tire is made of natural rubber and is clamped to a steel hub assembly. The elign coupling range comes in 6 types single engagement, double engagement, spacer type, vertical type, fully rigid and. Periflex ttna shaft couplings highly flexible rubberfabric couplings compensating for shaft displacements. Select coupling duraflex couplings are sold by component a duraflex assembly consists of one element std or spacer and two hubs bts or qd. Designed for resistance to heavy earth loads and shear forces, and provides improved pipe alignment. The flexible design of the dodge paraflex element offers torsional softness that is instrumental in protecting connected equipment. Flender standard couplings flexible couplings rupex series general information siemens md 10. Series x flexible couplings flexible couplings cx3. Periflex elastic coupling stock 203r pna2203 r 92,88 f 206r pna6206 r 4 1,52 f. Fernco 300022 2 x 2 proflex coupling cast iron, pvc, steel to cast iron, pvc, steel this fitting connects 2 cast iron, pvc, or steel to 2 cast iron, pvc, or steel. Proflex is a shielded transition pipe coupling that allows you to make pipe connections that are resistant to shear forces, while creating a rigid, longlasting pipe joint. The stromag couplings product line includes offset couplings, plugin couplings, multisegment couplings, universal couplings and support couplings.

The elastic element is made of natural rubber, reinforced with synthetic fibers. Stromag periflex vn disc coupling altra industrial motion. The full engagement of the housing keys into grooves around the full pipe circumference provides. Stromag periflex vn coupling allows fast and simple connection of a flange, specifically a flywheel, to a shaft. Couplings, geared, flexible, fluid, scoop controlled, torsion.

Manufacturers of periflex and suppliers of periflex panjiva. Assignment of periflex shaft couplings to threephase asynchronous motors of gear sizes 56 to 315 with cage rotor according to en 50347. Periflex elastic coupling part number nominal torque tcn nm max. The coupling is designed without a center stop, and the clear body allows for visual verification that the inner ducts are centered and properly aligned.

To ensure that drive is not unexpectedly started, turn. Stromag periflex coupling chain and drives wa and nsw. Gurimax plugin type coupling periflex shaft coupling periflex disc coupling pcs cardan shaft coupling highlyflexible trir coupling highlyflexible tri coupling highlyflexible ge couplings combined products flexible coupling with the clutch at the request. From 1 july 2003, only those devices and components may be used in potentially explosive environments that comply with the requirements under the european directive 949ec. Torque is transmitted through individual free floating elastomeric drive inserts which are radially disposed around the periphery, permitting assembly and removal without disturbance to the coupled machinery. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of periflex.

Gkn stromag periflex shaft couplings have been used in potentially explosive environments for many years, providing us. The instruction manual was correct at the time of printing. The flexible design of the dodge paraflex element offers torsional softness that is instrumental in protecting connected equipment by damping vibrations and absorbing shock loads. The series covers the torque range from 25 to 15000 nm. Moreover despite having great quality track record we are able supply the metaflex couplingsflexible disc coupling at a competitive price compared to our main competitors that comprise of john crane, thomas rexnord, flender, tb woods, bibby transmissions and esco. United pipeline products has been the total supplier of stainless steel repair clamps and couplings for over 25 years. Moreover despite having great quality track record we are able supply the metaflex couplingsflexible disc coupling at a competitive price compared to our main competitors that comprise of john crane, thomas rexnord, flender, tb woods, bibby transmissions and esco couplings. The clearloc coupling is designed for easy application and allows quick installation in all types of situations, especially where tight installation conditions exist. Both metal and plastic pipes can be connected safely and quickly and the coupling range is a high performance product range that allows pipe angulation, expansion and contraction. Shielded transition coupling designed to resist shear forces. Service uniform s1 light s2 medium s3 heavy s4 very heavy s5 electric motor steam turbine 1. Plugin, highly flexible disc couplings for ic engines, torsionally flexible with linear characteristic curve, ideal for diesel engine drives.

Normal load heavy shocks and excessive overloads the hub thanks to the very special design of the teeth, the contact surface between the grid and the hub teeth increases proportionally to the. Dodge paraflex couplings includes atex approved couplings. Series 80xspl coupling general assembly drawing series 80 x spl is with captured center member. Its plugin design presents particular advantages particularly for belltype sets. Vn coupling is a coupling that features an axial plugin connection for easy installation and removal, for both the entire coupling and the flexible element. Dimensions and standard sizes size nominal hp100 rpm rating torque nm peak torque nm max speed rpm max bore d1 mm max bore d2 mm d dia. Below is an ordering example for duraflex couplings. The company was able to combine shaft bearings and coupling in a single. Claw chicago universal coupling description claw coupling is also called as universal coupling used in wide range of application for air and water claw couplings are also available with locking pin material malleable iron, carbon steel, astm a105, ss 304, ss 316 gasket nitrile, neoprene working pressure at ambient temperature.

Couplings, geared, flexible, fluid, scoop controlled. In addition to the compensation of axial and angular displacements, it provides high radial displacement capacity together with compact design. Optional high speed rings may also be ordered for spacer elements. Periflex ttna shaft couplings offset couplings stromag. Stromag periflex shaft couplings the rowland company. Periflex jointcoupling 3d cad model library grabcad. Bibby turboflex is recognized around the world for advanced industrial couplings and torque limiting technologies since 1917, with the introduction of the resilient grid coupling, bibby turboflex has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of highlyengineered industrial couplings. Due to the special design of the shaft tyre, the periflex. Bibby turboflex disc coupling, industrial couplings, torque. At the fully intermeshing teeth on the connection ring, the disc tyre can be displaced along its axis by. Some of the applications in which flexible disc couplings can be used are.

The paraflex elements superior construction provides industry leading angular, parallel, and axial misalignment capabilities. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Consult bibby transmissions for coupling ratings when fitted with 80a shore buffers. Each coupling is customized to fit your application by adhering to strict guidelines that specify the components of the coupling, including hardware and disc packs, both which are produced inhouse. The stromag periflex shaft coupling is a highlyflexible rub.

They are one of the most versatile coupling designs and can be customized to meet the demands of almost every application. Altra industrial motion stromag periflex cs cardan shaft couplings. We have ventured into the coupling disc pack market an expendable component of couplings since 2008, with the addition of a wire edm electrical discharge machine. This catalogue for stromag periflex shaft couplings cancels and replaces. Gkn stromag periflex top torque shaft coupling periflex top torque conforms to the requirements under directive 949ec atex 95. Frequently, the coupling is used to connect the gear shaft to the. The acvsk coupling contains its own axial and radial bearing to support the weight of the drive shaft and its reaction forces. Periflex ttna shaft couplings stromag highly flexible rubberfabric couplings compensating for shaft displacements. Mutual coupling reduction between closely placed microstrip patch antenna using meander line resonator jeet ghosh1, sandip ghosal2, debasis mitra1, and sekhar ranjan bhadra chaudhuri1 abstractan approach of reducing mutual coupling between two patch antennas is proposed in. Ratings quoted are for couplings with the maximum number of pins and 90a shore buffers. Proflex allows you to make transition pipe connections that are resistant to shear forces, while creating a rigid, long. The stromag periflex vn coupling hubs are made of steel or ductile cast iron. Stromag couplings designed for industrial use contact korpak for the coupling designed specifically for your industrial application.

Flexible disc couplings can be used in a wide variety of application from general industrial equipment to high speed precision machines. Coupling size code is a code of numbers or numbers and letters that identifies a couplings dimensions and. The design of connection ring and tire assembly allows the coupling to be easily mounteddismounted to a shaft and flywheel. Bibby turboflex disc coupling, industrial couplings. The stromag periflex vn coupling is a highly flexible elastomer coupling with linear spring characteristic ideal. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks. Your proven service leader with reliable delivery since 1972. High performance flexible couplings houston centriflex. Each drive setup requires a special mixture of composite material to ensure the proper flexibility, allowing the coupling to properly absorb axial, radial and angular displacement. The modern factory and central office is located in the province of noord brabant in the town of sint oedenrode. Shaft coupling is a highly flexible rubberfabric coupling, particularly suitable for connecting two shafts in diesel engine and electric drives. Periflex ttna shaft coupling the robust original a compound of rubber and fabric characterizes this coupling. Highly engineered designs ideal for applications with higher than normal speed and misalignment needs, rexnord euroflex couplings exceed weight restriction requirements by specializing in multiple. For the past 16 years, centriflex has continued production of high performance couplings.

I coupling at a glance 4 product range benefits include applications areas failsafe device classifications torque range instruction for the designer use in potencially explosive enviroments the torsional vibration analysis stromag periflex vn nr series output. Torsionally flexible couplings nenflex series cn hn couplings are designed for higher torque transmission. Elastic couplings boeli elastic and flexible couplings boeli offers a wide range of highly flexible rubberfabric couplings for shaft displacements. Precise setup and vulcanisation is the key to success.

The coupling complies with the requirements under api 671 with consideration to our list of deviations tm 800. This excerpt was taken from lechners presentation during the design world webinar, flexible vs rigid couplings. The stromaggroup provides complex solutions of engineering problems in the sector of mechanical drive technology stromag is one of the worlds leading companies in realm of. Periflex vn disc couplings plugin couplings stromag.

Use the coupling dimension pages to select the coupling type that matches or exceeds the required rating and has a physical. Stromag periflex vn coupling is a coupling that features an axial plugin connection for easy installation and removal, for both the entire coupling and the flexible element. We manufacture millions of standard products while developing tailormade components for you as well. Assignment of stromag periflex shaft coupling to electric motors. Epdm gasket and unified by an externally bolted coupling bousing, noise and vibration transmission occured during the installation and operation can be reduced or absorbed efficiently. How to merge pdfs and combine pdf files adobe acrobat dc. Stromag perifiex vn disc coupling str i 3 content periflexvn disc couplings. Products in the range we can create custom engineered transmission solutions of any size and con guration. Elecon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various types of fixed and variable speed industrial couplings. The periflex flexible couplings permit a quick and simple connection between a flangeespecially a flywheeland a shaft. It combines high flexibility with easy installation, guaranteeing high radial axial and angular misalignments. Elecons range of couplings includes elign geared coupling, elflex flexible couplings, fluid couplings, scoop controlled variable speed controlled fluid coupling, and torsion shaft couplings. Plugin, highly flexible disc couplings for ic engines, torsionally flexible with linear characteristic curve, ideal for diesel. We reserve the right to modify measurements and designs without prior notice.

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